Saturday, November 21

Day eight

Sorry this is late, my computer crashed yesterday when I clicked the post button.

Today was very exciting for Elspeth. The two of us went for a walk around the house which meant that she wore her harness for the first time. It was pretty hard to put it on her as she had no idea what on earth I was doing. She got a little mad and bit me, not hard enough to break the skin bit it still really hurt. I do not blame her though, I am sure it was a very odd experience.

Once we had the harness on we went off with the camera to try to find somewhere in the house with good lighting so I could film her.

We tried every room but none were quite bright enough so it looks like I am going to have to wait till I can take them outside to make another film.

On our way back to our part of the house we encountered my mother. She was walking down the main staircase with her bengal cat and carrying her teacup Spaniel. Elspeth walked up to the cat, they sniffed one another and then quickly ran on opposite directions. I was just glad that Elspeth had not tried to attack him but to be honest the cat is at least one and a half times the size of her so maybe I should be more happy that he did not attack her!

This was the first time my mother had seen Elspeth and she was shocked to see that she is so small. She complimented her appearance and knelt down to pet her. Elspeth was not happy with this. She made herself as big as she could and started to 'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm' in a really deep tone.

My mother stood up and stepped away but then her little dog wanted to defend her and after much wriggling became free and jumped at Elspeth. The little dog growled and Elspeth continued to 'mmmm'. I tried to pull Elspeth away from the little dog but he followed her. My mother could not catch him and then Elspeth nipped him. She drew no blood so I think like how she bit me before it was more a 'go away' kind of thing.

The little dog sulked back to my mother limping even though Elspeth nipped his neck. My mother was not impressed and told me if I am to bring Elspeth into the main area of the house she must wear a muzzle.

Elspeth and I retired to our room. Poor Elspeth was just worried, she had not even really hurt the dog as later in the day I saw that he was running around just fine.

I think I may have to get Elspeth a muzzle for when we walk her so I can snap it on if we see a dog. I do not really wish to muzzle her though but needs must.

I really do not think that she would have nipped the little dog if he had not followed her and growled at her but I suppose we have no idea how dogs will respond to her.

I will find some way to work around this. I mean she does not seem to be an aggressive animal herself she had just had enough.

During our wander my partner had a call from the vet who was meant to have gotten the shots they need delivered today telling us they had not come so we will have to wait to sometime next week. One more week without going outside, I am sure we will cope.

My partner had spent the the time me and Elspeth were off having our adventure playing Assassins creed II with Harry laying next to him on the sofa getting his tummy and ears scratched.
Elspeth and I spent the rest of the day hanging out in our living room with Harry and my partner. We gave them each a pigs ear but neither of them seemed very into them. Apparently my bare toes were much more fun....well at least for them they were hehe!

I am very sorry that I took next to no photos today!

Harry just before bed on his blanket.


  1. I do not think they would react well to a muzzle at all and a big dog could still pick them up and kill them quickly. With a sturdy harness I have lifted my dogs by the leash sometimes to save them. I pic Pua up if there is a dog near by. I do not trust dogs. One time when the petting zoo was starting out someone let their dog come up to the fence to sniff the goats and it sniffed then ripped the goats face open. You never know when their preditor instincts can kick in.

    In regards to harnesses you need to use a treat. My dog was simi feral when I got her and she would shred you if you tried to put a harness on her. I gave her a treat to keep her mouth busy then put the harness one. The little snot would eat it as fast as she could so she could try to bite me once she finished but if I got the harness on before she got done all was well. Then I could lure her into her harness with a treat and eventually just give her one after for being good.

  2. Thanks for the advice about the treat.

    With the muzzle I do not wish to put one on her at all, it would be avoiding the problem and you are very right that a dog could kill her.

    My mother was going on about Elspeth being the feral one but to be fair she had just been greeted by a huge cat, a tiny dog and a tall woman who she did not know. I understand why she was unhappy.

    When I typed that I might have to get her a muzzle I was worrying that she might wiggle free like my mothers dog did and bite someone/thing but lets be fair the little dog provoked her.(I am not saying it's okay that she bit him). I will be expecting her to try to get free so it is unlikely she will manage plus, the harness should help with keeping a hold of her and as I said, getting a muzzle would be avoiding the problem.

    I should not type when I am mad hehe. (Not mad at Elspeth)

  3. It seems to me she was just acting as any dog like critter would. She told the dog to back off, she didn't hurt him (as you stated) and was simply getting her point across in away he could understand.
    They speak different languages but body language at least in this instance was the same and the dog understood. My two dogs Nip at each other every once in a while to tell the other dog to back off. No blood is shed they rarely even whine or yip it's not even skin broken, just a touch to get them to understand.
    It sounds to me more like your mother just doesn't understand dog instincts at all. Her dog provoked your fox said no. There was no malice in it and it was just to prove a point.
    My mil is the same way about her dog does not understand basic dog language so you aren't alone.
    I'm enjoying reading about your new babies! I wanted a fox for a very long time but they do NOT fit my lifestyle and I have since changed my mind. I admire anyone who has the time, funds and effort to put into them. :)
    Look forward to reading the rest!