Friday, November 20

Day Seven

After staying up until 3am last night and then getting up at 7am myself and Elspeth were a tad sleepy when I got the camera out today.

She could not keep her eyes open!

She is so cute!

Part of the reason for staying up until 3am was trying to figure out how to edit a video of Flashman.
I am afraid it is quite bad as the lighting in our room is not very bright but you get a general idea of him. If anyone has any idea why he bows like this I would love to know!

So now I am exhausted I must go to bed. I am very sorry that today's blog was so short!

Good night!


  1. Hello I started following your blog after you posted it on the fennec fox group. I love reading it! It's so fun and descriptive, I feel like I know the foxes too. Thank you. I have a couple questions out of curiousity -
    + How old are they?
    + Were they hand raised?
    + Do you plan to allow them to have a litter? Great fun raising the babies I'm sure!

  2. Harry is 3 months old and Elspeth is 5 months old. They were not hand raised but they are amazingly friendly despite this.
    I do plan to breed them. (Do not worry they are not related) I wish to hand raise their young if they choose to have any, I really hope that they do.
    Harry and Elspeth Flashmans mum

  3. Oh so they are pretty young then. I couldn't tell by looking at the pictures if they were young or not. When they shed some of their baby coat to grow their adult coat... they will be kind of funny looking in that transition phase. Just like when Fennecs shed their coats. Thanks for all the updates! I love to read them!

  4. Speaking of fur at the moment Elspeth is tie dyed lol. Corsacs are reddish in the summer and pale red/white in the winter. She is just getting her winter coat now but only in some places so she looks quite amusing when she is stretched out on me.
    Her back legs are also really fluffy but in front of that she is quite slender. Poor girl looks like she has a really big bum!