Tuesday, November 17

Day Four

So I have made it to day four without throwing my PC in the corner and saying 'I do NOT want to play anymore' even though it has been running about as fast as.....What is slower then a snail?

Today when I woke up and looked at Flash and Elspeth I was greeted in a most odd fashion.

Flash walked to the front of the crate and as he did so he kept bowing to be. Well not quite a bow but yet more then a nod of the head. When he got to my hand he nibbled it in a totally un-aggressive way, licked it and then walked away bowing. I felt like the Queen hehe. Currently I have no idea what this means but I shall endeavour to find out.

After I had a shower I noticed I had left my dressing gown on my bed so I wrapped a towel around me and ran to my room where there lay my dressing gown...With a fox attached to one end, Elspeth to be precise! She was slowly tugging it off the bed. So slowly in fact that my other half who was sitting on said bed reading had not noticed. She froze when she saw me looking at her, quickly ran around the corner of my four poster bed to where she was hidden by the curtains and continued to tugging on my robe. She really wanted the robe for her bedroom. Maybe she is trying to out do Flashy's clothing obsession by taking one big thing. I lightly tugged on the robe thinking maybe she would let it go which would be nice or we could turn it into a game, either would be fine. She decided to let go. She walked into her crate, stood on the dog bed which is inside and looked at me in disgust. She sure knows how to give you an evil look.

When I was blow drying my hair they both came out and were very much interested in this hair dryer device. I had not used it since I got them as I was unsure of how bomb proof they were and did not wish to worry them. They were both intrigued as to why my hair was flying all over the place so I aimed it at them. Instant hit! Flashy and Elspeth were pushing one another out of the way to get to the warm air. Totally the opposite to my dogs. They HATE the hair dryer for the most part.

Once the dryer game was done the four of us sat on the floor and us two humans petted the two foxes. Elspeth was unsure of the whole idea of playing outside of her crate again in a direct way, as in with no hair dryer. I gave in and petted her in her crate. She had already been quite adventurous and clearly she feels safe there.

Today I was asked :

What kind of care do they need? Food? Habitat? Just EVERYTHING!! Do they bark? Are they noisy? Do they have a strong odour?

Though I had wanted to answer this today I do not feel that I can paint a full picture of what life is like with them just yet as they are not fully settled.

Prior to getting them I read everything there is to read, talked to keepers and breeders in mainland Europe so that I knew all that there was to know but still that is not the same as having first hand experience.
For example every day they have vegetables but once I cooked them a bit too long and they went soggy and instead of them being the 1st thing to go they did not get eaten.

Each day at the moment is a learning experience.
In a few months I am sure I will be able to answer where is best for them, what is best for them and so forth with first hand experience behind me.
I hope that you can all wait that long.

Well I am falling to sleep where I sit...Which is on bed so not all bad!

Nighty night!

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  1. love the pictures today Elina, would really be intrested in hearing the answers to the questions aswell when your confident to tell them! :)

    Joe ( coop off of EKF and Effy the skunks dad ) :) x