Sunday, November 15

Day three

Last night we found out about the secret lives of Flashman and Elspeth. Myself and my partner went to have a bath before bed and we decided that the room was fox proof and that leaving the crate door open would be fine but to be safe I left my camera on film mode facing down the side of the bed that the door is on. We also left the TV on so that they could get accustomed to it.
What the camera filmed I never would have guessed!

Elspeth left the crate! I was shocked by this and yet more shocked that she left before Flashman!
She walked along, sat at the side of the bed and watched TV for the whole time I was in the bath. She now and then would wash her feet but that was more or less all. Flash however found the one thing I forgot to move; my litter basket. He covered one quarter of my room in Q-tips and cotton wool, he seemed to be having a jolly good time hehe.

Upon our return to the room they both ran back inside the crate and Elspeth curled up on her blanket as though she had never left, what a sneaky fox she is!
As they had been out all day more or less we all went to bed after that.

This morning I found that though they like their chicken and love their vegetables (I expected this to be the other way around) they adore mealworms! I decided to sprinkle them on their dry food and though all the dry food was still in the bowl all the worms were gone. It would seem that crunchy food is their favourite,

When we let them out of their crate we decided that we should put their collars on them. They did not mind to much in fact Flash seems to quite like that his jangles as he walks along and Elspeth seems to like that she has something new. They both look great in them.

Since we had filmed them being alone in the room we now knew Elspeth's secrets 1) she liked TV and 2) she has been out of the crate. After petting her for a while in her crate I decided that she should really come out.
We picked her up and put her on the bed. She seemed a bit worried. I would be if I was in her position, but when she had been petted behind the ears for a while she seemed to calm down and possibly enjoy her fuss.

After a while I put her back in the crate followed by Flash.

At the shops we saw a squeaky x-mas tree. We thought that maybe the foxes would each like one so we got them one each. When we got home I went to give them their treats and squeaked one at them to show them what it did. They did not like this one little bit! They ran away from me and looked terrified! I really did not think a toy would worry them that much. Needless to say the toys have been put away and the foxes were petted quite allot to show that we were sorry.

Well that's all for tonight, it's fox dinner time so good night!

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