Tuesday, November 17

Day Five

Last night was yet another amusing night in the land of the Corsac foxes Elspeth and Flashman, they spent the whole night licking my toes! Why you might ask did I not move my toes? Well I did but when I would dose off to the land of dreams I would put my feet back at the bottom only to be greeted by two very small, very cold noses and their warm and tiny tongues and on occasion their sharp petite teeth!

It was quite cute at first but soon became quite tedious.

The next morning when I was getting ready Flash left my bedroom and wandered out into the hallway which has polished wood floors. He was trying to explore the landing and he could barely go one step without sliding over. As Corsac foxes have fur on the bottom of their feet he just kept slipping over again and again. I am quite sure now that that bit of floor is better polished now then it ever has been before hehe.

After allowing Flash the chance to try to get to the staircase my partner picked him up took him there to see what it was he had wanted to see. Apparently he just wanted to see what the stairs were and so when that was established he was returned to our room to play on the far less slippery flooring.

Once I had finished all of my work today I picked Elspeth up and put her on the bed. Today was the day I was going to tackle those chunks of loose fur!

I had been petting her allot and she grudgingly let me brush her.

As I brushed these brown 'things' were appearing. I feared they were fleas so I picked one up, it was not a flea, it was worse, part of a scab. Now one scab I can understand but once I found that I had a close look at her. When I had brushed out all of the loose fur I was noticing that her whole body is covered in scabs! They are by no means new, but it is very shocking to see them. They are on her ears, legs and back. Both scratch shapes and more round ones. As she had not trusted me to brush her until now her shedding coat had been covering them.

I know Flash has not done this to her as I have been with them 75% of the time and, like I said they are old. I got my partner to check Flash. Thankfully he has not a mark on his pretty body which is more or less proof that even though not done here he was probably not the attacker or he too would be wounded. I called the vet but it was after 5:30pm and not urgent so I have made an appointment for tomorrow to double check that she is not internally wounded.

Now I think I see why she is not very trusting, I do not think it was a human that did this to her but no matter what hurts you this much I think you would have trouble trusting anyone. Flash is miles ahead of her as far as settling in. Earlier today he was sad that my partner had to go and get some food. He sat looking at my bedroom door grumbling with his ears down but upon his return Flashy was so, so happy!

When I found the scabs on Elspeth I was talking to her in a nice calm voice and she was replying...No not in English, I'm not that mad hehe. She kept saying 'moo' to me, I thought I got a fox not a cow! She continued to do this until I put her back in her crate. It was very odd. When I would speed up my taking she would speed up her moo's and when I got louder so did she. I am pretty sure that she was trying to talk to me.

So now they have a new noise for me to add to their list which so far consists of grumbling, purring and now mooing.... What ever next!

I think I am just lucky but Elspeth and Flash are pretty good at using their litter tray. Earlier Elspeth missed once but this can not be helped, she still got it on the puppy training pad that I put under their litter tray so it was easy to clean up. As for the smell of their business it is not so bad. It smells like puppy tinkle which I must admit was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. They themselves also smell like that so smell wise it is like having a puppy about. The smell is reduced due to the litter tray they are meant to be one of the less 'smelly' foxes.

I really hope that Elspeth is okay. I shall keep everyone posted.


Ps: Flash is not really mad...really.... hehe


  1. It sounds like flea allergy. My cet gets covered in scanbs like that if we let fleas get on her. She also has feline acne that comes and goes which casuses scabs about her head that may be allergies to something else in the air or if we give her the wrong foods. Most likely Els. Has a flea alergy and has or had fleas.

  2. Love the last pic, sounds like fleas too, or some sort of ectoparasite, which would need an enviromental and animal treatment, a pesticide spray would be good for the enviroment, will let you see hwat your vet says :) fingers crossed everything goes well with her.

    Joe, Coop :)