Sunday, November 22

Day Nine

Yesterday (as in the 21st)  was so very lovely, Elspeth and I spent the day together as in the whole day!

I opened her crate and she trotted over to my partner who picked her up and handed her to me. She is not often fond of being picked up but she did not mind as much as normal. I walked down stairs to our living room and sat on the sofa. I still had a hold of her at this point and she was snuggled into me.

When my partner and Flash caught up he put Flash on the floor to play and turned the TV to play Assassins creed II. I had Elspeth sitting on my lap at this point and I let go of her but she did not go. She lay down and snuggled in with her eyes fixed on the TV ready to watch/hear what was about to happen.

After about 2 hours she started snuggling up to me higher up so that she was on my necklace, I think she liked the sound so I took it off and put it on her. She looked very impressed with herself in her shiny new necklace.

We spent more or less the whole day sitting together on the sofa. I am not one for lazy days at all but it was nice because I had her sitting on my lap. She only got off to go to the toilet and have some lunch.

I am so impressed with the progress I am making with her. She is by far the more dominant of the two foxes and the more friendly she acts towards us the more Flashy does.
I put her back in my room at about 12am and gave her some treats for being so good.

I love my Elspeth! (I love Flashy as well but he bit my toes! hehe).

Ps: Please excuse the bad photos. Once again the phone is to blame.

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