Friday, November 13

Honeys were home!

So today myself and my partner went to collect our new additions!

I was and in fact am still excited.

I have wanted a fox for as long as I can actually remember only at first I thought that it was a myth that people kept them, I also believed it to be illegal.

While studying at uni we covered the Russian Silver fox ( This re sparked my want to have a fox. If people in Russia are managing to make them tame maybe I could actually have a fox!
I looked into this for ages and then found that my sister had done the same and she was actually getting one. The down side was the price...£2,850! I could never afford that.
She gave me the link for a forum that was filled with people who had pet foxes. I was so amazed that there was such a place and that I myself was not mad to believe that these beautiful creatures would make wonderful additions to a family.

So I joined . I got to talk to people who shared their homes with foxes. All I could think was how very lucky they are. I mean yes you do get horror storeys and it would be wrong of me to say otherwise. However you also get the most amazing success storeys and all of the success storeys help those who are having trouble. The pros totally seem to me to out weigh the cons but that is for the individual to decide.

On this forum there were people with all kinds of fox. Reds, Marbles,Arctic's and Fennecs.
I learnt from the people on Sybils den that all foxes really are different, and that they all act differently where as before at school and such I was just taught that all 'wild animals' are the same and act the same; vicious!

It would seem that foxes are much easier to get a hold of in the US then in the UK and so I was looking for a fox, any fox for over a year. I knew I had room in my house, garden and heart for any variety though I really wanted a Corsac.
Sadly I could not find a Corsac fox anywhere. It seemed to me that you could not actually keep them so I decided that number two on my list was a fennec.

I found a lovely UK based exotics forum( filled with people with every animal under the sun..But still no foxes! All of the people on the Exotic Keepers forum are lovely though. They informed me of anywhere that was calming to have foxes of any and every variety.

Anyway as I said after many months of searching for my dream fox a message appeared on EKF:" just thought id say that SR have corsac fox £2000 a pair.... personally if i had space id get them as they are very hard to find in the uk, but then again they most probably wont be tame but you never know "..My heart skipped a beat. CORSACS!!!!!
So I contacted the broker who then told me that they could not talk to me unless I was a pet shop!
I was quite shocked by this. I mean I have never seen foxes in a pet shop!
I posted on EKF in a state of panic. The foxes I had wanted for so very long were just out of my grasp.
I got a reply "I can help you" said Pouchie.
I was so happy! I jumped around my house in a state of glee!

And help me Pouchie did.

Pouchie reserved the foxes, had them delivered to her last night (the 12th) and then drove to meet me with them today!
Mr and Mrs Pouchie are total stars!

So that brings us to our 1st encounter...
Very excited and sleep deprived (I cannot sleep when I am this excited) myself and my partner drove to meet them. We go out of the car and walked round to the other side of their van.
There was a home made box that Pouchie had been so kind to make for us to bring them home in. I walked up so that I could see into the top and two eyes met me. My heart filled with joy. These were the foxes I had been waiting all this time for.

The night before Pouchie had sent me some photos of them and I had decided to name them Flashman and Elspeth form the George MacDonald Fraser books that I am an avid fan of. Flashman's name is actually Harry but in the books he is often just called "Flashy" of "Flashman", Elspeth is his beautiful wife.

Sadly the Jaguar could not fit the box that had been constructed for us but thankfully we had brought a small carrier. Mr Pouchie was kind enough to put them in it in the back of their van.
When we had them in the car it was time to say bye bye and hit the road.

So off the four of us went.

Elspeth stayed curled up in the corner the whole journey yet Harry was very interested in us. He nose butted my fingers and sniffed them. He nibbled my nails which I must admit was a bit odd but each to their own.
My partner and I agreed long before we actually got the foxes that I would have the girl and he the boy so you can imagine how upset I was when Elspeth did nothing but scowl at me.

When we got home us humans opened the carrier that they were in in front of a XXL dog crate in our bedroom (they are the size of house cats so they have alot of room in here). We thought is best that they relaxed in there a while as it was raining very hard so we did not want to make them go into their outside enclosure just yet. They walked into the crate no problem.

We left them in there for 30 mins to calm down and get accustom to the sights, sounds and smells of the house. We then went to see them, they were curled up together.

They looked so cute I felt mean to disturb them. We opened the door and lay on our bed. Harry came out and stole some tights, a sock and a skirt which he swiftly placed in the crate and showed to Elspeth who had by this point decided that a litter tray is to sleep in and so Harry's clothing was worthless to her.
Myself and my partner petted Flash a bit but Elspeth did not look happy so we left her alone. I shall try to play with her tomorrow.

This leaves us more or less where we are now.

I now have two beautiful Corsac foxes who I already love very much. I am sure that we will have many exciting...or at least interesting stories to blog here in the future weeks.

Thanks for reading!

Good Night!

Elspeth getting ready for bed

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