Tuesday, November 24

Day Ten

November 22nd

Today my partner and I went to Bristol to go Airsofting (though we actually didn't in the end as it was freezing!) so my farther was left to fox sit. I am told they were no trouble at all, in fact he did not see them as they were to worried to come out with him around.

When my partner and I got home we got them out of their crate which though had been left open all day they did not want to leave. We played with them until I decided that if Elspeth was happy enough to sleep on me I should be able to give her a bath.

While Elspeth does not smell she does need to have a bath in her bubble bath from the vets to sort out her skin. The only reason I had left it so long was that I had to wait for her flee drops to fully soak in.

I filled the bath to about half way up her legs with warm water and placed her in it. She was so worried that she just did not move. While this made it easy to bathe her it also made me feel horrid, I never wished to freak her out, let alone this much. I tried to make the bath as quick as possible. When I got her out I quickly towel dried her and then wrapped her up in a warm towel and cuddled her. She soon returned to her normal self, though also into a bit of a biter.

We went down to the living room where I continued to hug her. She got a bit aggressive (who can blame her) and tried to bite me. I quickly put a piece of chicken that I was about to give her for dinner into her mouth. She looked so shocked and then pushed the chicken out of her mouth with her tongue and stared at me for a while. She then started panting so I unwrapped her so she could cool down. She snuggled in and watched the TV.

When it came time to put her to bed I gave her a treat and put her in her crate. After giving her the treat I noticed there was only one left in the packet so I went to give it to her and she bit my finger. I am not sure if she meant to do this or if she missed the treat. Like when Flash bit my partner there was blood everywhere but it was not too painful thankfully. Oh well we learn from our mistakes.

Check out Elspeth's fluffy paws!


  1. Always sounds a bit silly comparing a domestic with an exotic but sounds like my dog. Of course she was feral when I got her. She's never gotton okay with baths. If I surprise her she freezes up and cringes down the whole time. If she figures out it's coming she hides under the bed and can't get her out even with thick gloves. But unlike the fox she is okay after.

  2. I think that Elspeth was just a bit nippy as she was trying to tell me not to do that again. I am also pretty sure she had no intention to bite my finger when she did as she looked as shocked as I did.
    It is still early days and I am sure it can all be improved upon in time and what cannot be I will work around.
    I think that it is interesting how a feral dog is quite like a fox and yet your dog does not hold a grudge where as Elspeth did for a little while. I think in that respect she is much like a cat. Though is may not be right to compare an exotic to a domestic I think it is interesting to see where they are alike.

  3. I just wanted to say - I absolutely love the first photo of this post... I even, well, it's nearly 2:00am here, and my parents went to bed about an hour or 2 ago, and when I saw the photo I accidentally shouted, "Awe!". Haha. I hope I didn't wake either of them up - I guess it was just my reflex reaction to how cute it was. ^_^

    So, by the way - very beautiful foxes, I love how you care for them, and I really enjoy your whole blog; thank you for posting every day. ^_^

  4. I am really glad that people are enjoying the blog!
    Even if I have not got much to say I can not stop myself from posting photos, I'm snap happy when I have a camera and there are cute animals around me.

  5. I do love the foxes but still can't get over the fact that they are wild animals. Plus they are exposed to other wild animals, such as the bengal tiger. Seems like rich ppl just do whatever they want just b/c they can. Maybe this isn't the best thing for them. As they get older you may find them wilding up & they don't want them anymore. Then what? Just my .02.

  6. My foxes are not exposed to any other wild animals bar one annother and to be fair they are not wild as they grew up in captivity. My mother has a bengal cat, that is a breed of cat, nothing exotic.
    If the foxes do 'wild up' I will still want them. As it stands along with having my house to live in they have a 20ft by 20ft enclosure in the grounds of my house which is bigger then alot of zoos have foxes in. If they did 'wild up' I am pretty sure they would not be hard done by to live in there and if I found this was not enough room I have room to make it bigger.
    I hope this has put your mind at rest.